Bikrams Yoga

It’s hot , gruelling ,  challenging & to the outsider :  absolute  madness!

It is the vehicle by which many find they heal their bodies , prevent dis-ease and maintain health . I can attest to this truth with my own experience ,  and for what its worth , I recommend it …..  if you dare to dream of being the best you can be .

Yoga literally means union of the mind + body + spirit .  Its that simple and  yet , the results are profound .

I shot a series of images for the Bikrams Yoga  School in  Brookvale yesterday.  It was inspiring to see these amazing teachers front up to the studio and get into insane postures with ease and a sense of fun .

I have deep gratitude for Jodie and her team of teachers at Brookvale .

Today’ s offering :  the  back bend .



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