I am John

This is the man who is responsible for creating Studio 3 . The sublime flow,texture and design of this space is seamless.Thought it apt to capture his portrait in front of  his wall.  I Am John is an emerging artist who works with materials found, to build one off pieces of furniture, feature walls,sets and whatever else he dreams up.One of my all time favorite people,artists,thinkers,my biggest Love and muse.


  1. Craig Killeen
    by Craig Killeen on August 6, 2014  6:01 am Reply

    Best wishes with your venture, when we eventually get down south we will come and see you

  2. Neil Jolly
    by Neil Jolly on August 6, 2014  9:26 am Reply

    And wat a good lookn man...

  3. by Anonymous on August 8, 2014  6:34 am Reply

    Where can we see you work?

  4. by Anonymous on August 8, 2014  6:36 am Reply

    goodie! Hi Helen :)

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